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Kim Menzies Reviews

Submitted by Jude Emmet on 16/06/2023

Conscientious, caring and thorough

Overall Rating

I have been attending Pilates classes with Kim for several years now.  I am impressed by her careful understanding of everyone's individual needs and abilities and how she always encourages her clients to push themselves a little harder but only within their abilities.  I also like the way she recognises that some days, bits of our bodies don't work so well, and she is always careful to give alternative exercises for everyone to manage.  When I had a replacement hip Kim was very knowledgable about which exercises were good for me and which I should avoid and I was grateful for her encouragement.  I always feel thoroughly worked out after a session with Kim and I trust her experience and knowledge to ensure that all exercises are challenging and safe.  She always demonstrates the exercises so we know exactly what we are aiming for.  Thoroughly recommended!

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A very special pilates teacher

I've been going to Kim's pilates class since September 2022. I love it. Kim is an excellent teacher. She's respectful and kind. She's knows exactly what she's getting across but is not superior in her manner. I've found the classes very helpful in keeping my old muscles supple and flexible. Kim includes a social event  twice a year which helps the class to bond. I attend a class for those who have done pilates classes before. Kim runs several classes at different levels including one for those in wheelchairs. 

Submitted by Judy H on 23/05/2023