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Terms of Use

These terms and conditions provide a foundational understanding of the expectations, rights, and obligations of all parties involved when engaging with our platform, services, and initiatives. This document encapsulates our commitment to integrity, transparency, and excellence. Your access and use of our services signify your agreement to these terms. Our primary contact details are as follows: 

Cruz Walker t/a REPs
85 Great Portland Street
W1W 7LT 

email: support@repsuk.org


These terms and conditions form the foundation of the contract through which REPs (we, us, or REPs) will deliver a service to you as a REPs member (you). By applying to become a member of REPs, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. It is therefore your responsibility to read and fully understand these terms and conditions prior to applying. If you need clarification on any of the points mentioned or have any questions, please contact REPs using the contact details provided above.

All personal data submitted will be managed with the utmost care, in accordance with our privacy policy. You can find our privacy policy HERE.


Upon submitting an online application to become a member of REPs or providing application details to REPs, you are initiating an application process to join REPs. If we accept this application, it will result in a legally binding contract.

REPs membership is open to all individuals. However, to achieve a 'verified' status, members are required to provide evidence supporting their claimed proficiency in the category for which they've applied, such as industry-recognised certifications. The verification process and acceptance of any application remains solely at REPs discretion. We also retain the right to terminate any memberships without prior notice or refund.

As part of the membership application, maintenance, or renewal process, any information you submit may be shared with relevant third parties for the purpose of verifying the validity of the details provided.

Keeping a card on file is mandatory for all REPs members. Removal of this card will result in an automatic cancellation of your membership.

All memberships are set to renew automatically. To cancel, a notice period of 60 days is required. We also hold the right to amend our membership pricing. Should there be any changes in the price, members will be given a 14-day notification. During this period, members may opt to indicate their unwillingness to renew the membership. However, do note that a 60-day notice is still required for actual membership termination.

In accordance with UK consumer contract regulations pertaining to digital content, once you access any of our digital services, you are not entitled to a refund as you would have benefitted from the digital content provided. It's essential to understand this, especially since we primarily offer digital services.

The benefits, rights, and obligations outlined in these terms and conditions are exclusive to you and cannot be transferred to any other individual.

Membership Benefits

Upon joining REPs, you are entitled to a specific set of membership benefits tailored to your chosen category. As benefits are contingent on the membership category, they may vary among members.

The comprehensive suite of benefits you stand to gain from your membership encompasses:

  • A featured directory listing on the REPs Directory at www.repsuk.org, offering both a public, searchable database of fitness professionals and opportunities for lead generation.

  • Ability to advertise your services, post client reviews and testimonials and receive leads from members of the public.

These benefits are conferred solely for your personal use and should not, under any circumstances, be transferred or shared with third parties.

On the approval of your membership, REPs will automatically enrol you to receive various communications, including updates and newsletters. However, every member retains the right to opt-out of any or all of these communications at their discretion through their respective accounts.

Your entitlement to these benefits is conditional—predicated on both the full payment for your membership and the subsequent approval of your application by REPs. We reserve the right to withdraw or restrict your access to these benefits for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Membership suspension
  • Membership termination
  • Delays or defaults in payment of membership or related fees
  • Membership cancellation
  • Membership expiration

Many of the benefits provided under your REPs membership are facilitated in collaboration with our esteemed partners. It's pivotal to understand that services rendered by these partners are bound by their individual terms and conditions. REPs does not assume any liability for loss or damage resulting from any discrepancies or oversights in the delivery of these third-party services, except where liability cannot be legally excluded.

Furthermore, REPs retains the right to alter, modify, or revise the services and benefits contained within your membership package at any point, without necessitating prior notification.

Cooling Off Period

Due to the digital nature of our services and personalised access to membership content, we do not offer a traditional cooling-off period. Once membership is approved and you gain access to our digital content tailored to your profile, it becomes specific to you.

Under UK legislation, specifically the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, the right to cancel and receive a refund does not apply to digital content that you have started to download or stream, and to services which have begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the end of the 14-day cancellation period.

Given the immediate access to our digital services and personalised features upon membership approval, it is understood that the service begins immediately with your agreement, waiving any cooling-off period.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us at the email address provided above.

Cancellation and Refunds

Given the personalised digital nature of our services and the immediate access provided upon membership approval, we do not offer refunds. This policy stands irrespective of the duration of membership utilised. Once membership fees are paid, they are deemed final.

If you decide to cancel your membership at any time, this will not result in a refund of fees already paid. This ensures the continued quality and value of the digital services and personalised features provided to our members.

For any further queries regarding our cancellation and refund policy, please reach out to us at the provided contact details above.

Code of Conduct

The REPs Member Code of Conduct is a set of essential standards that all members of REPs are required to follow consistently.

By becoming a member of REPs, you commit to fully observing and upholding the REPs Member Code of Conduct at all times. Furthermore, every time you renew your membership, you are reaffirming your commitment to the code throughout the entirety of your active membership period.

Any breaches or failure to adhere to the REPs Member Code of Conduct will be subject to investigation in accordance with the REPs complaints policy. Non-compliance may lead to disciplinary actions being initiated against you, which can range from warnings to, in severe cases, termination of your REPs membership.

Membership Fees and Renewals

The fees associated with becoming a member with REPs are clearly outlined on our website and will be presented upon your membership application. Regardless of whether you select a monthly or annual payment scheme, you're entering into a 12-month contractual commitment with REPs.

Memberships are set to renew automatically in line with your chosen payment frequency. The renewal payment will be taken from the card details you've provided during your initial application.

If there are any changes to the membership fees, you'll receive a notice a minimum of 10 days before your renewal date, sent to the email address registered with your membership.

Should you benefit from any special offers or discounts, please be aware that once this period concludes, your membership will revert to the standard rate, as listed on our website at the time of renewal.

We'd like to highlight that memberships are strictly non-transferrable. The 12-month membership term begins from the date of your initial application with REPs. Each subsequent renewal year will align with the anniversary of this application date.

If the renewal fees aren't settled within 30 days from the due date, your membership status will lapse, resulting in the loss of all associated benefits and privileges under REPs.

We also reserve the right to share membership details as shown in our membership directory with relevant third parties and may disclose periods of non-membership at our discretion.

For members considering ending their membership, we require a written notice at least 60 days before the renewal date. This should be sent to support@repsuk.org. Without this notice, your membership will renew automatically for another 12-month period.

REPs Logo

REPs members are authorised to use the corresponding REPs member logo.

The REPs logo must be employed in line with the REPs brand guidelines. Failure to adhere to the directives outlined in the REPs logo use policy could lead to disciplinary actions being taken against you.

You'll gain access to the REPs member logo only after your membership is active and all membership fees have been settled.

REPs reserves the right to modify the member logo without prior notification. Should such a change occur, you'll be provided with the updated logo, and you must discontinue the use of any previous logos, adhering to any guidance issued by REPs concerning the updated logo.

Terms and Conditions Changes

These terms and conditions are binding for the duration of your membership with REPs. REPs reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time by giving you 10 days prior written notice via email, after which the updated version will become effective.

If you do not agree with the amended terms and conditions, you may terminate your membership. To do so, you must notify REPs of your intention to cancel in writing via email to support@repsuk.org, within 10 days from the notice of the changes to the terms and conditions being sent to you. Please note that no refunds will be issued in relation to changes in the terms and conditions.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with English law. Any dispute or claim must be brought before the English courts irrespective of a member’s location.

Founding Members Exclusive Subscription Offer

Starting 1st September 2023, all Founding Members will be enrolled onto an additional subscription for our Members Club addition. This subscription is priced at a discounted rate of £97 per month for a minimum period of 3 months. This added subscription is a token of our appreciation for the support and trust of our Founding Members.

While this is an automatic enrolment, Founding Members retain the right to opt out. Should you wish not to be included in this subscription offer, you must notify us in writing via email to support@repsuk.org at least 10 days before the subscription commencement date. If no communication is received by the specified time, it will be understood that you accept the new subscription terms and the relevant annual fee will be charged accordingly.

This subscription is bound by the same terms and conditions as the main membership, including the auto-renewal policy, benefits, and obligations. Any changes to the fee or terms of this exclusive subscription in future years will be communicated to the Founding Members with a minimum of 10 days' notice, similar to our standard membership amendment process.