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Natasha Green Reviews

Submitted by Emma on 22/02/2024

Braving one to one!

Overall Rating

I started with Natasha off-camera during lockdown when my husband was training with her.I never saw myself taking one to one classes with anyone. Having not exercise for years, it made me feel too under the spotlight. After lockdown, I braved it to the park and joined Natasha in person. After a few sessions with very achy, newly woken up muscles, I could feel the benefits. First in my head, then my body (heart, lungs and muscles!). Now it is very much part of my week and I am so happy I made the choice to have a healthy habit.Natasha’s skill is how acutely aware she is of what is best. She clearly judges my optimum moment to either go on/take a breath/ repeat . She is that great combination of incredibly professional and kind.  A wealth of information flexible so that  sessions vary with new exercises can be a challenge. The holy grail for me is having a park session in nature and a strength / weight / conditioning session online. Thanks Natasha

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Extraordinarily gifted trainer

Natasha is an extraordinarily gifted trainer. I have been training with her for over 15years starting from a very low base, integrating her bootcamps and PT into my life, changing my perspective on nutrition and wellbeing, and transforming my body and fitness. She knows her stuff and she has my trust -  I don't have to think about the 'what' or the 'how', I just focus my mind on the task.  She coordinates and plans for my individual needs, at every session. Life brings its challenges and whether it be juggling work, family, injury or post-op recovery, Natasha meets you where you're at, knows when to push and when to step back - she's with you every step of the way and it's her attention to detail, to you and your fitness goals, that makes her stand out from any other trainer. Natasha is the professional, friendly and knowledgable trainer you simply can't do without. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Kate Sargeant on 20/02/2024

Excellent PT

I have trained with Natasha for over 12 years on a weekly basis. The 12 years has spanned the post birth of my 3rd child to a now busy life with 3 teenagers & working. I'm very happy that I invested in having this time with Natasha to keep fit and healthy consistently over a decade. Whether I was at times too tired to motivate myself, training for a specific physical challenge or recovering from the occasional unexpected operation Natasha has navigated me through safely with her extensive knowledge. I look forward to our sessions, which are always varied, and trust Natasha implicitly in knowing what is needed. Natasha makes it easy to commit to putting fitness into your life. 

Submitted by Antonia Mcleod on 19/02/2024

Personal Trainer

I have been working with Natasha for many year, both in the park and online. Natasha is always smiling, energised and encouraging. I have benefited from Natasha’s expertise, she has vast knowledge of fitness and dietary needs. Natasha makes workouts interesting as well as challenging. When I had a minor injury, Natasha changed my programme and incorporated the advice and recovery plan from my physiotherapist. I would highly recommend PT with Natasha, she is friendly, professional and very knowledgable.

Submitted by L Paterson on 19/02/2024

Extensive knowledge

Natasha started training me around 12/13 years ago. I’m what I would call au fait with the gym and exercise although never excelling at it. Having played rugby most of my childhood and adult life, I was used to weights and power lifting but not very bendy. I also had picked up numerous breaks and injuries and Natasha revolutionised how I approach exercise. Her excellent range of methods and process helped me several times in post op rehab and strength building. My favourite thing is her boxing sessions my least favourite “kettle bells!” 

Submitted by Justin on 15/02/2024