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Adrian Dixon Reviews

Submitted by Kerry Stares on 04/06/2023

Simply the best

Overall Rating

Adrian is the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. He is incredibly knowledgeable and expert and takes a holistic approach to exercise - putting as much attention on stretching and caring for for your body as he does working you hard. He is wonderfully  funny and positive and brings such energy and lightness to training sessions that you feel happier and healthier inside and out. 

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Amazing classes to lift your body and spirit

If it hadn't been for Adrians classes during lock down, I don't know what I would have done. They carried both our bodies and minds through a hard 2 years! After lockdown his classes became a way of life and i'm pleased to say I love doing them 3 times a week. I recommend anyone, no matter what your level. Try these classes, there's options for everyone. I know first hand I have shoulder / knee injuries.Keep it up Adrian we love you (:)   

Submitted by Lisa Braude on 30/05/2023

Exercising with Adrian

I’ve exercised with Adrian for 4 years both on-site and online. His classes are fun and for all levels. He offers alternatives to those with some health issues. He has an eye when someone needs to rectify their position. His online classes are available for few days if we cannot attend. He is professional and fun. I would recommend any of his classes, if not all! 

Submitted by Laurita on 28/05/2023

Adrian is an amazing trainer

I have been attending Adrian's online classes since the pandemic and have never stopped. Adrian is always welcoming, energetic, and a constantly developing trainer. I have tried a majority of his training styles and equally enjoyed them all. I tend to forget that I am not there in person because Adrian makes every class feel personalised to each participant's needs. I am impressed by how observant and connected he can remain with his students, even on online platforms. I try not to miss my classes with Adrian and keep up with them even on holidays from abroad. That is the beauty of online training with Adrian. 

Submitted by Remziye Kunelaki on 28/05/2023

Kind, professional and enthusiastic trainer

I have been training online with Adrian since COVID, and before that at reformer pilates in real life. I couldn’t recommend him more. He is so kind, thoughtful and enthusiastic which makes all the difference when you’re working hard in his sessions. My fitness and strength have hugely improved and the mental health benefits are equal! Each exercise is very thoughtful and not just about aesthetics, but mobility and future insurance of our bodies too. 

Submitted by Emma on 28/05/2023

Adrian is a fab instructor for all body types and ages

I have been attending classes with Adrian for over two years now and I can honestly say he brings a fresh, fun professional approach to every class. He's super knowledgable about the body, explains what each movement is doing for and to the body, remembers everyone's weak spots or injuries and gives alternatives, and is simply a joy to work out with!

Submitted by Jill Bausch on 28/05/2023

Feel healthy and happy, with Adrian Dixon Fitness

I have been exercising with Adrian for about three years, all in his on-line classes. Simply put, Adrian is a great teacher. He does a variety of classes for different exercise objectives and he caters to a wide range of abilities and exercise experience. Importantly, he cares about and learns about the people in his classes and suggests exercise alternatives to "protect" weaker body parts or physical conditions. Adrian is an enthusiastic, happy person who communicates these qualities through his teaching. I can see and feel the positive difference in my body and fitness over time.

Submitted by Austin on 28/05/2023

The Consummate Professional

I have been going to Adrian's classes for many years. He really is the best instructor ever. His classes are always exciting, always different but the care he shows to his attendees is second to none. He is always learning - new moves, ways to help those with injuries and advice to older clients too. Quite simply the best. 

Submitted by Val Healey on 27/05/2023

Fantastic classes

Adrian is a wonderful instructor. I've been doing his body conditioning classes online for a while, and yet no one class is the same. Adrian's got expert knowledge as well as great energy and fun. He manages to keep an eye on everyone in the class, providing personalised options. Would highly recommend trying out his classes!

Submitted by Franck Fourniol on 27/05/2023

Simply the best

I have attended Adrian's body conditioning and upper body classes, both in a gym setting and for the last few years his virtual online classes. Adrian is a fantastic instructor who is always mindful of everyone's limitations and medical conditions, giving options and modifications along the way for every individual in his class. Adrian is always super cheery and very motivational, and his energy and total commitment is infectious. I would recommend anyone and everyone to attend Adrian's classes - he has helped me a great deal and it is always fun!

Submitted by Susannah Jayes on 27/05/2023

Excercise classes that I actually enjoy

I've been attending Adrian's online fitness classes for many years now. He is an absolutely amazing instructor, he keeps you engaged throughout the class and makes you smile! The classes are varied each time and he gives you options dependent on your fitness levels. He will also give you personalised variations if you're injured or pregnant. Adrian is by far the best fitness instructor I've ever met and I've been to classes at many gyms and had personal trainers. I can really see results in my strength and cardiovascular form. 

Submitted by Kristiina Tints on 27/05/2023

Adrian is the best!

I’ve been working out with Adrian for three years now and can really see the results. He  varies the routine and pushes me to work harder but always makes it fun he’s just the best!

Submitted by Pippa on 27/05/2023

Great support

Adrian is a super supportive teacher.  He is extremely patient and helps you to push yourself but in a safe and fun way. I attend his Pilates class via Body Motion company and he makes the classes enjoyable but challenging.  I feel I have made good progress since attending the class,

Submitted by Kate on 27/05/2023