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Awarding Bodies vs Training Providers: Understanding The Difference

Awarding Bodies vs Training Providers: Understanding The Difference

In the fitness industry, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of awarding bodies and training providers. These two entities play a vital role in the education, training, and certification of fitness professionals. In this blog post, we will delve into the differences between awarding bodies and training providers and explore how they contribute to the fitness industry's professional standards.

What are Awarding Bodies?

Awarding bodies are organisations that develop qualifications and set assessment criteria for various industries, including the fitness sector. They are responsible for ensuring that qualifications meet the required standards and are recognised by industry regulators. Awarding bodies do not deliver the training themselves but work closely with training providers to ensure that the courses are delivered effectively and adhere to the set criteria.

In the fitness industry, awarding bodies create and maintain the standards for qualifications such as personal training, gym instructing, and group exercise instructing, among others. These awarding bodies are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL), which ensures the integrity and consistency of qualifications across different sectors.

Active IQ is a leading awarding body in the fitness industry, offering a wide range of qualifications, including personal training, gym instructing, and group exercise instructing. YMCA Awards is another well-known awarding body, with a long history of providing high-quality qualifications in health, fitness, and wellbeing. Lastly, Focus Awards is an OFQUAL-regulated awarding body that offers a diverse range of qualifications, including those in the health and fitness sector.

What are Training Providers?

Training providers are organisations or individuals that deliver education and training courses in various industries, including fitness. They work closely with awarding bodies to deliver qualifications that meet the required standards and ensure that learners are well-equipped to enter their chosen profession. Training providers undergo rigorous checks and ongoing monitoring by awarding bodies to ensure that they are delivering qualifications appropriately and fairly.

In the fitness industry, several well-known training providers offer courses and programmes that cover a range of qualifications. It is essential to choose a REPs Registered Training Provider, as this guarantees that any courses you complete are REPs Endorsed and carry REPs CPD points, further validating your professional standing in the industry.

Future Fit Training is a leading training provider that offers comprehensive programmes in personal training, gym instructing, and nutrition, among others. HFE is another reputable provider, with a focus on delivering high-quality fitness education and support for students pursuing careers in the industry. Origym is a training provider that prides itself on offering flexible and accessible courses, catering to students with varying schedules and learning preferences. Diverse Trainers is known for its personalised approach to training, with tailored courses to suit individual needs and goals. PT Academy is a leading training provider that offers a variety of fitness courses and qualifications, including personal training and gym instructing.


In the fitness industry, awarding bodies and training providers play distinct but interconnected roles in maintaining high standards of education and training for fitness professionals. Awarding bodies, regulated by OFQUAL, are responsible for developing qualifications and setting assessment criteria, while training providers deliver the courses and support learners in achieving these qualifications.

By understanding the difference between awarding bodies and training providers, fitness professionals can make informed decisions about their education and career development, ensuring that they receive high-quality training that meets industry standards. To help you find the right training provider or awarding body for your needs, the REPs website offers dedicated directories where you can search for training providers and search for awarding bodies. These resources can assist you in identifying reputable organisations that align with your goals and preferences in the fitness industry.

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